Thursday, December 07, 2006

The genealogy of postmodernism - an audio lecture from Bruce Little. It can be found at

Quotes and comments;
- he makes the interesting point that rousseau was responding to the scepticism of his day... and proposed that since we can't find truth in the bible or in nature we should look for it within (ie. within the heart)
- I must be thick because I never got the conection between scepticism and pietism before.
- he makes an interesting comment about how scientists are against the pm idea... how they are beginning to talk about the need to get back to the Enlightenment view. (ie. you can't do science if everything is constantly changing... if there is no truth.)
- he says the humanist manifesto 2000 claims pm is 'dangerous.'
- near the very end he mentions going to a college classroom for a debate; a literature class; 'what are you reading?' he asked a student. 'we're not reading anything' she said; 'we went to ToysRus last week; to look at the packaging... to see if it was sexist...'
- the best lecture on postmodernism that I've heard.


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