Sunday, February 11, 2007

Borat: a cultural analysis. Radio recently had a program dealing with the movie Borat. It's avaible to listen to or download here.


1. As you may be aware this movie mocks various things in the U.S. and in the christian church. (Various hijinks going on in a Pentecostal church, etc.)
- as usual with mainstream media this movie leaves liberals alone and concentrates its venom on what we might call the 'less privileged' classes. (ie. Where are the exposes of wall st. bankers? of what goes on behind closed doors of courtrooms? government departments? etc.)
- Contrary to liberal mythology however, it's not just 'fundamentalists' and pentecostals who do strange stuff. Liberal christians do many things that are more absurd (and worse) than rolling in the aisles, but these are usually on the level of words and bureaucratic decisions.
- 'Death of god' theology was every bit as aberrant as the 'laughing outbreaks' of Toronto. (Can there be anything more comical than modernist theologians that don'tt believe god exists?)
- the real (or bigger) joke in the church is ordaining women; not faith healing. (One at least has some biblical warrant; while the other has none.)
- the real joke is 'baptizing' homosexuality, not speaking in tongues. Marrying homosexuals is more absurd than anything the pentecostals have done. This is the real pony show.
- the real joke is claiming communism is the real christianity; not encouraging people to engage in 'holy laughter.' One is relatively harmless, while the other is deadly.
- and of course the biggest joke of all is people who reject all of the orthodox doctrines of the church but insist on calling themselves christians.

2. I await the film maker's new effort; which apparently will be an expose of working class Israeli society. (Hopefully he'll follow that up with a movie about muslim life in London or Palestine.)


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