Thursday, March 22, 2007

Creation or evolution? - audio lecture by A. E. Wilder-Smith

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1. In the Huxley-Wilberforce debate, Huxley used the typewriter example (just invented) of apes typing for infinity... The claim he made was that sooner or later they will produce something intelligent. (I think the example was the 23rd Psalm.) This is in fact a worthless analogy. In the real world there are 'typewriters' no 'letters' no code, etc.
- W. claims wilberforce was crushed by not being able to answer the above argument. This is surpising because the fallacy at the heart of it looks obvious. A typewriter has intelligence built into it; this makes the huxley argument nonsensical, as there is no intelligence in his wview (ie. materialism) A 'typewriter' has information built into it (by its designer). And this is precisely what the materialist can't account for. This being the case he has no right to start off with information.
- Richard Dawkins uses the same argument even today; or at least he did until very recently.
- interestingly enough, Wilder-Smith debated Dawkins in the very same place the Huxley Wilberforce debate took place. (Unfortunately, I don't believe any tapes were made.) Dawkins (and others) later bragged about winning the debate by a landslide, when in fact the vote was only marginally in Dawkins' favor.



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