Sunday, April 15, 2007

The "Baby Doctor," Benjamin Spock, On Darwin and Morality an article by Jerry Bergman

Quotes and comments;

1. 'In his classic work, Baby and Child Care, under the subheading, "They're repeating the whole history of the human race," Spock wrote that watching a baby grow is "full of meaning" because,
"the development of each individual child retraces the whole history of the human race, physically and spiritually, step by step."
- this is the kind of nonsense evolutionism has given the world. It has nothing to do with science, but is merely darwinian myth making. The theory (passed off for generations as science) is based on fake drawings by the Nazi evolutionist E. Haeckel.
Evolutionists have long known it's a bogus idea but keep using it to deceive the public with. (In the last year of his life Carl Sagan even used it to defend abortion.)

2. "Weeks later, as they lie in the amniotic fluid in the womb, they have gills like fish."
- how sad it is to think this was the reading of tens of millions of expectant mothers. This is another evolutionary fairy tale; utterly false.
- if this weren't a serious matter it would merely be comical.

3. "Toward the end of the first year of life, when they learn to clamber to their feet, they're celebrating that period millions of years ago when our ancestors got up off all fours."
- does this sound like science to anyone?

4. Evolutionists like to claim the theory of evolution is as certain a fact as the earth orbiting the sun. Not even close. It's as certain as the drawings of E. Haeckel.



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