Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A critique of multiverses - audio lecture by George Ellis (online at Faraday Institute)

Quotes and comments;

1. I didn't think a lot of the lecture, but if you want to keep up with modern cosmological musings you have to at least get an idea on what is being said on this subject.

2. A multiverse is described as many (as much as an infinite I gather) universes, or many 'separate' domains within one whole. (i.e. so separated as to be unknown.)

3. Some cosmologists claim the universe could be infinite.
- to which I would say rubbish. Infinite can only be an idea, never a reality.

4. He tells us that some mulitverse thinkers respond to criticism by saying, "why would you want to believe in a multiverse? It's the inevitable result of the big bang..."

- Obviously... isn't everything? If the BB were true, everything... even this Bill Frisell CD I'm listening to, would have to have been caused by the big bang.

5. Ellis doesn't think the multiverse does away with God. "Who said god only likes one universe?" he says with a laugh.

- Here we have Christianity reduced to a joke. I suppose there are an infinite number of christs out there. Why people spend their time on such drivel is a great question I guess.

6. "Does a MV exist?' he asks, 'well I have no idea... I think you can believe what you want to ... what do you find aesthetic, what do you like? what gives you comfort?...''

- when Christians abandon the bible as the word of God this is the nonsense they end up spouting.

7. Ellis tells he thinks its a certainty that 100,000's of thousands of planets have intelligent life on them.

- The fact he gives any number here gives him away; as there is NO way to do this.... so this is merely something he wants to believe. (Why? I have no idea.) One wonders what happens to jesus christ under such an absurd (sf) scenario. I guess he has to be left behind as the figment of deluded primitives. (Oh yes; the glories of 'liberal' theology.)
- the way he escapes the fact we don't see any of Carl Sagan's aliens is that the universe is just too big to see them... or see evidence of them. Well; that's not science is it? Let's use it as an argument for God's existence; i.e. the reason we don't see God is that the universe is just too big. (Hmm... I wonder if I convinced anyone?)

1. 2/5
2. If you allow multiverses I don't know how you can deny the possibility of heaven.
3. If you allow the idea of multiverses I don't know how you can deny that there might be a Creator out there. (i.e. a Being who created both our universe and ourselves.)
4. It's interesting to wonder if the idea of the multiverse has some connection to the multiversity. (A phrase coined by Clark Kerr I believe.) In other words, not long after the Christian university became obsolete (i.e. as the home of an integrated intellectual world view) and Christian civilization became a collection of shattered fragments and shards... we lose the idea of a single universe... and get the idea of a multiverse. (I hear the old Dylan song in my head, 'Everything is broken')
5. Wikipedia on Multiverse;


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