Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For people with an interest in thinking about a Christian view of science, there's a series of talks available online at Reformed Audio

These were given (as a bible study class) by a Benjamin Richards. I've listened to most of them, and can recommend them. Richards has done his homework, and does an excellent job.

01 - Introduction
02 - Theological Considerations (General)
03 - Theological Considerations (Specific)
04 - The Biblical Doctrine of Revelation
05 - Introduction to Epistemology
06 - Epistemology II: A Biblical Foundation
07 - Biblical Foundation II
08 - The Birth of Science: History of Interpretation
09.1 - Science and Ancient Cultures, Part I
09.2 - Science and Ancient Cultures, Part II
10 - The Death of Science: History of Western Philosophy
11 - The Science Wars and the Epistemological Crisis of the Western University
12 - Specific Objections: Miracles and Darwinism


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