Friday, December 08, 2006

The Integrates Model for Relating Psychology and Christianity:
A Critique in the Light of BiblicaI Creation - Paul D. Ackerman

Quotes and comments;
'Despite its Christian trappings, the Integrates model, because of its unity of truth assumption, begins to have a humanistic flavor. The logic proceeds as follows: because of human fallibility, man is embedded in uncertainty, and the role of life becomes the quest for truth.'

- the trouble with the claim that man is on a quest for truth, is simple; the bible denies it. ("No one seeketh the truth...") Was Lenin on a quest for truth? Was Freud? Was Nietzsche?
- the only truth the natural man seeks is the 'truth' god doesn't exist; that Christ isn't his savior, and that there will be no final judgment; no heaven or hell.
- the only metaphysical truth man seeks is a cosmos not created by god; one that is utterly empty of god.
- the only ethical 'truth' man seeks is one that will allow him to sin.
- the only epistemological 'truth' man seeks is a methodology that doesn't require revelation.
- It seems absurd to call this a quest for truth.


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