Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Fallacy of Scientism as a Worldview; an audio lecture by Mikhael Stenmark, from the Faraday Institute

Quotes and comments;

- Stenmark defines scientism as; 'the belief all things can be explained (accounted for) in terms of (natural) science.' (ie. in terms of materialism.)
- if I understand him correctly he's saying; science becomes scientism when it attempts to be a complete worldview.
- we see evidence of scientism is the attempt by A. Comte to create a religion of science. (This was merely an overt example of what is today done covertly.)
- scientism claims that all ideas outside science are only opinions...
- scientism often claims science should replace religion... (We need to point out that this belief cannot be proved by natural science; so it's an irrational claim.)
- materialist science can't tell us what the limits of science should be. Scientific expansionism (the idea science can account for all things) therefore can in no way be founded on the materialist methodology of science. If Materialism were true to itself it could not be expansionist.
- a good Q+A.



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