Friday, December 22, 2006

The revenge of the aesthetic - an audio lecture by William Edgar from

Quotes and comments;
- E. mentions a hearing of a college student who complained that beauty was a taboo word; that if you mentioned the word, would roll their eyes or laugh. This sad new development is especially true in the Humanities.
- I assume mathematicians can still talk about beautiful equations :-)
- the title of the lecture refers to the 'comeback' the subject of beauty may be making. (I don't see much evidence of this myself.)

"Reflect that every drop of water in the ocean, or in the hydrated rocks, or in the vapor floating over Saturn, has in it the possibility of rainbow coloring. In fact all matter has color of which the rainbow is only specimen. Any element incandescent has a spectrum partially coincident with that of water and ranging above and below it in the infinite capacity it has to start ether undulations. As apparently the larger part of the matter of the universe is incandescent, we can see that the field for expression in color is infinite. No one but the infinite God can see it all."
- an excerpt from a longer article, from the ISBE


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