Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Truth Telling in Science - an audio lecture by Denis Alexander

Quotes and comments;
- you'll have to scroll down the page to find the lecture.
- in this lecture you'll hear (inadvertently) why christianity in England has virtually died. In it you'll hear a professed christian celebrate Darwinism. (The english are obsessed with Darwin; and seem to think evolution has to be true because Darwin was English :-) Although I'm sure he doesn't intend to do so, he makes it obvious why almost no one in Britain is a bible believing christian.

1. - you may not be able to believe this but Alexander says; "Darwin's idea brought a coherence to facts that beforehand had been incoherent.'' How can a christian utter such a bizarre statement? (Has he never heard of creation? of Linnaeus? ect. ) Apparently he doesn't see the biblical doctrine of creation as a unifying idea. (In fact it's darwinism that's introduced incoherence into the Humanities; with it's insistence man be treated as an animal.)
He then goes on to quote with approval the idea darwinism is the greatest unifying idea in history. Maybe he'll forgive me if I disagree. The biblical idea of creation was and is the greatest unifying idea there is. Nothing else comes even remotely close. Materialist evolution cannot in any way account (even if it were true) for human experience. In fact it makes a mockery of human experience. It cannot account for free will, truth, love, justice, morality, ethics, rationality, etc.
When one hears presentations like this one has no difficulty in understanding why christianity has collapsed in britain. The so called apologists for christianity are mainly 'Liberal' if not apostate. They fail to understand the implications of the doctrine of creation. They don't seem to understand that Darwinism is the death of biblical chrisianity. The masses who have deserted the churches understand; even if professors like Alexander do not.

2. Perhaps I'm being too hard on him; you'll have to decide for yourself. In the end I guess it all comes down to whether you think evolutionary theory is true, or whether you think it's a colossal hoax.



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