Thursday, May 03, 2007

Are communists more religious than christians? - audio lecture by Francis N. Lee

Quotes and comments;

1. "Equal pay for equal work," said Chairman Mao, long before it became official policy in Canada. This bit of marxist policy gives politicians a lot of power and influence, which they use to force people to conform to their utopian plans and schemes.

2. With his claim marxists in our day are more religious than christians he means they are more dedicated to reconstructing society in terms of their worldview. He means they take their beliefs more seriously, that they're more confident of ultimate success.

3. A key to the communist view of education is the belief the State does a better job of educating children than parents do. The marxists believe all education must be based on Materialism. (Sound familiar? These are the same beliefs are gov. educators have in our day.)

4. A critique of communism is by no means obsolete. Contrary to claims of our media communism has not gone away; it is in fact the dominant worldview of our colleges and seminaries. (Where it's been called in good American fashion; Political Correctness, or just PC. Sounds almost cute.)

4. This is part 1 of a 2 lecture set.
- Lee also has an eight part lecture series on communism available at


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