Monday, May 21, 2007

Inherently wind; a Hollywood history of the Scopes trial - audio lecture by David Menton

Quotes and comments;
- in the lecture he's referring to the Spencer Tracy movie.
- the music at times is deliberately off key; the worst renditions of 'old time religion' I've ever heard...
- I've seen this movie and in my opinion it's totally fallacious; no different than what the soviets did... soviet style propaganda... at its worst.

1. Scopes claimed he never taught the kids evolution... he claimed the kids were coached by the lawyers.. (he only taught 2 weeks of a biology course... when the regular teacher got sick...)

2. The textbook scopes was using was racist to the core.... ie. whites are vastly superior.... (this is what the great liberals of the time were defending.)

3. Nothing in this movie is true... it's almost 100 percent false... soviet propaganda at its worst.... (the makers of this movie were total liars and hypocrites)
- why you would anyone believe anything evolutionists say when they produced such a total lie as this movie? The theory of evolution is as factual as this movie.

4. - in a 1925 cartoon Bryan is shown throwing over a cliff all these great things; animal husbandry, navigation, the whole of agriculture, the law of gravity, mathematics, mechanical engineering, medicine, x-ray technology... and other things.. all for doubting darwin. (And evolutionists are even more lying and deceitful in our day. The very same garbage goes on constantly; just recently some clown claimed creationism would stop all progress in medicine and science. The lies never end; even if they are cartoonish lies... Who in the e. community protests against this slander? Know anyone?

5. In my experience evolutionists are about as honest as this movie. Try to find one that's spoken out against this movie... try to find even one, in all these decades! They've been tarred by their own brush; as this vast silence condemns them.

6. As just a small example of the movie's dishonesty; in the film Scopes is put in jai... but not in real life. (Bryan dies on the courtroom floor as another example; of which the movie replete from beginning to end. Bryan is asked if he's ever read the 'Origins' by Darwin; he says no, he doesn't need to read stuff like that. In fact Bryan had read Origins many years earlier. And on and on it goes.)

7. In my own opinion this is the most blasphemous movie the americans have ever produced. (As Henry Miller referred to his own work; 'it's a gob of spit in the face of God.)

8. H. L. Mencken (in his obituary of b.) said of Bryan; "he was filled with an almost pathological hatred of all learning..." (Bryan was a highly educated man; and this shows you the kind of price you pay for denying the lunacy of darwinism.)

9. Highly recommended. Christians need to realize evolutionists are lying through their teeth when they promote darwinism as a fact... and that they will go to any lengths to spread lies about both evolution and creation.

10. As more evidence of how phoney this movie is (and the evolutionists who made it) in today's society teachers are forbidden to offer any critiques of evolution. (Check the resources below.)

a. Summer for the gods: the Scopes trial and America’s continuing debate over science and religion by Edward J. Larson - reviewed by Carl Wieland

b. The origins of life. In this interview Dean Kenyon talks about being forbidden to offer critiques of darwinism in the college courses he teaches. Here.



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