Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Occultism - audio lecture by R. J. Rushdoony

Quotes and comments;
- scroll down to find the lecture; recorded in 1974.

1. Rushdoony quotes Jerry Rubin as saying; "we create reality by living out our fantasies..."
- if that doesn't sound familiar, it should. This is what our political and social elite believe... and it's just a modern form of occultism.

2. Hegel said; "the rational is the real."
- this means what man can imagine, or what man believes to be rational constitutes reality... not god's created order. The idea man can control reality (or that reality consists of man's ideas) is the essence of the occult.

3. Rushdoony has been villified greatly; and in recent months especially it would seem. In my opinion he was the most important theologian of his time. People (in and outside of the church) hate him because he did his best to be faithful to God's word. (This is the one unforgivable sin in our time - especially among liberal christians.)
- there are about 30 lectures of his available free online; so see for yourself.


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