Friday, July 11, 2008

Interview with John C. Wright - online at Sfsite.

Since it's summer, and most people seem to take a break from more serious reading I'm putting up a SF link. This is an interesting interview with novelist John C. Wright. (e.g. 'The Golden Age')

- While most sf writers seem hostile to Christianity, Wright is not. That alone makes him close to unique.

"Jack Vance and Gene Wolfe are masters of style, and I filch from them without a twinge of remorse. The men are brilliant. They are the only authors I enjoyed as a child whom I can still enjoy as an adult.

Of the two of them, I have a mild preference for Jack Vance. Gene Wolfe, in fact, is too brilliant for me: I cannot figure out his puzzles. The mysteries in Jack Vance, in contrast, are honest and fair, and the clues are there."

- I have to admit to the same thing myself. I enjoy reading Wolfe, but once I'm finished I usually say to myself, ''what was that?" (Especially so of some the short stories.)

- I sometimes wonder why I continue to read sf.... is it only because I loved it as a teenager? or something more? Maybe it's just good fun. I read 'Golden Age' after having been away from SF for a few years, and was blown away by it. (As we said in the ancient days of my youth.)

- Nick Gevers (who did the interview) is one of my favorite commentators on sf. Look for his interview with Gene Wolfe.

1. Ferocious Poet's Heart Commanding: An Interview With John C. Wright. (With Nick Gevers)


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