Friday, March 02, 2007

God within nature - an article by Arthur Custance

Quotes and comments;
- this is chapter 1. of a 'Doorway paper' (#48/1958) called 'Nature as part of the kingdom of god.'
- as always with Custance you get a lot of very interesting anecdotes and quotations.

1. p/12) "Extraordinary things take place in Nature in connection with food supplies. It has been found, for example, that common aphids are wingless where the food supply is plentiful, but when a shortage begins to develop, the young of the following generation are born with wings."
- all the famous examples from evolutionary literature that supposedly 'prove' evolution are of this type; namely variation within a kind due to environmental pressures.

2. (p/20) "John E. Pfeiffer, in his book The Emergence of Man, spoke of the fact that animal behaviour was studied at first among captive creatures, penned up in small cages in an entirely unnatural environment. Here, for instance, apes and monkeys "engaged in bloody fights, often to the death, killed their infants, and indulged in a variety of bizarre sexual activities." But then he pointed out how, later on, when men went out into the fields to study these same creatures, they found an entirely different picture: so different, in fact, that it created consternation."
- the world is clearly not what Darwin and his peers imagined it; with their reliance on zoos and animal breeding as resources for study. They were led astray by studying animals in artificial environments.



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