Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Authority and Morality - audio lecture by R. J. Rushdoony

Quotes and comments;
- scroll down the page to find the lecture.

1. Rushdoony quotes a prof. Hill as saying "the greek invention of humanism was the great miracle of the world..." (or words to that effect)
- the whole point of humanism is that man is the center of the universe. This makes for great irony when humanists accuse christians of wanting to be at the center of the universe... claiming christianity put the earth at the center of the univrse etc. The truth is that christians do not put man (but God) at the center; it's humanists who put man at the center of the universe. In other words, Humanism is simply anthropocentrism.
- for Humanism man is the measure of all things; therefore religion (and all else) must be man made... made in man's image. (Natural man won't be happy until every atom of the world has the brand of man on it; ie. has been remade by man...

2. - Humanism is the invention man must obey not god but man; that is Humansim in a nutshell. This was the new thing (if it was new) the greeks brought into the world. For the theist man must obey god; for the humanist (a-theist) man must obey man. This leads inevitably to political tyranny as there is nothing beyond man for men to appeal to. (ie. since there is no god there is no absolute law... only the arbitrary opinions of the political elite.)

3. - Biblical theology insists that the only man who has a right to authority is the moral man; the man who obeys god's law... The man who violates god's law has no moral right to authority. (Rushdoony is quick to point out this is no way justifies any kind of violent revolution. Despite the slander of popular magazine articles he always insisted on democratic process.)


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