Monday, October 13, 2008

A Christian view of politics and government

Since the federal elections here in Canada are tomorrow, I'll give a link to some good lectures on the subject of politics. Although recorded in 1972 (I believe) these lectures by Stacy Taylor are excellent. (I apologize for being late in this.)

A Christian view of politics and government - 5 lectures by Stacy Taylor

Quotes and comments;

1. Lecture #4. Taylor claims that the Christian position to crime and punishment is not retribution, but restitution.
- I agree with this.

2. Lecture #4. Taylor claims that punishment shouldn't be used as a deterrent.
- I agree; I think the biblical position is that 'punishment' is a debt the criminal owes; first to God, and then to man. (And the extent of the punishment should be determined by first, God; and then the victim.)

1. Stacy Taylor is the same person as the author E.L. Hebden Taylor. (Why the two names I don't know.)
2. A great spur to thinking on the subject of crime and punishment is the book 'Victim's Rights' by the controversial author Gary North. (Available online for free.)


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