Monday, December 01, 2008

God's success manual; and economic commentary on the book of Proverbs - by Gary North (2007) Available free at

This is volume #20, in North's economic commentary on the bible.

Quotes and comments;

1. 'This book makes clear that the society we live in is governed by ethical cause and effect. It is not governed by impersonal natural law. It is not governed by an evolving system of impersonal social laws. It is not governed by impersonal fate or impersonal chance. It is not governed by luck, either personal or impersonal. It is governed by God’s covenants. It is therefore governed by a comprehensive system of biblical law and the sanctions associated with this law'. (page 2.)

- While most Christians, even 'reformed' ones, tend to mock this effort; I appreciate it greatly.

- I remember hearing a lecture by Ronald Nash, when he ridiculed these books by comparing North's project to some obscure multi volume work, of a couple sisters I think, [might have been Mormons, I can't remember] who tried to develop mathematics from some few banal references to numbers, in the bible. He dismissed it as being all a joke. He was something of an 'Austrian' (and admitted his and North's economics were similar). What he failed to understand was that Austrian economics has no basis in anything but wishful thinking. True economics stands upon a foundation of moral law; and the only absolute law that there is, is God's law.

- I've only started it; but it's good stuff. (Especially helpful for young people, and for new Christians.)

1. My favorite of the commentaries is still the one he did on Genesis; especially a major essay in the appendix, called 'From cosmic purposelessness to humanistic sovereignty'.
2. The great weakness of Libertarianism (which I have a lot of respect for) is it lacks a foundation for ethics and morality. All its proponents can say is; "I like this, and I don't like that... and don't you agree with me?" (This is all any Humanist thinker can say.)
3. I admit to having read every word of this economic commentary, and I might be the only one :=)


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