Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Struggle for Liberty - an audio lecture series by Ralph Raico. (Available free at

Quotes and comments;

1. With the alarming rise of fascism in the United States, this is a vital series [ten 60-90 minutes lectures] for everyone. (Most especially for our collectivist clergy.)

2. Lecture 6. (The anti-capitalism of the Intellectuals) 'Critics of the industrial revolution need to ask; 'what would have happened if it had Not happened?' (e.g. maybe something akin to the Irish famine.)

3. 'There are far too many people going into universities... (i.e. the bigger the percentage of the population that goes into university, the dumber the colleges become.)

- To an ever increasing extent, the average college educated person hates the idea of going into the 'private' ('business') economy.... (i.e. they want a government job; preferably one micromanaging the PC religion.)

4. Mises blamed the anti-capitalist views of the intellectuals on bitterness (resentment) and envy.

5. Mises claimed that when intellectuals fail, they then blame the society.

- In other words, they always feel they deserve better; that 'education' should some how automatically lead to high social status.

6. Mises talked about the hatred of business; and that it stemmed from the fact the 'intellectuals' are sheltered from the market by view of the fact they live off taxes.


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