Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Signature in the Cell: DNA Evidence for Intelligent Design - A video lecture by Stephen Meyer, based on his Signature in the Cell. It's available at the Heritage Foundation

- I enjoyed the video, and have put the book on my reading list. In my opinion the cell is unexplainable by the 'accidentalism' of Materialism. It's obvious to me that the information that's involved cannot possibly be explained by physical law acting on inert matter. The complexity that's involved is literally beyond comprehension. No human invention comes even remotely close. (That itself is a gross understatement.)

- The further into the depths of creation we peer, the more difficult it is for materialists to offer even just so stories to account for what is being discovered.

1. Meyer was also interviewed on the Michael Medved show. Scroll down to find the program.
- an interesting interview; lots of good questions from listeners.
2. The librarians from my home province seem to have something against the book, as not a single copy of the book has arrived in a single library in the province. (I requested a copy and was turned down.)
- this includes college and university libraries. [July/24/2009]
- I suppose it's all a coincidence.
- it looks like I spoke too soon, as I see the book has at least been ordered. (We'll see if it shows up.)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Young earth creation and epistemology

John Mark Reynolds recently gave three lectures at SBTS. I enjoyed them a lot.

#1. We Beheld His Glory: How a Christian Worldview Produced Science

#2. Full of grace and truth; an epistemology of belief in an age of skepticism

- Reynolds says that it can be 'better' sometimes to be wrong than right. As I understand him, he's claiming that more knowledge has come out of the false idea of evolution than the truth of creation. (There's some truth to that.) I assume he means Creationists don't come up with positive ideas I guess. (I think this overstates the case; as I think creationists have come up with many valid and important ideas. One problem is serious lack of funds for research.

#3. The Glory of Jesus Christ: The Way Forward in the Dialogue Between Religion and Science

- R. says 'based solely on the scientific evidence I would be an evolutionist.' That strikes me as odd; as someone who doesn't really know the current critiques of Darwinism. (I get the feeling he's not familiar with scientific critique of evolution, but bases his YEC on theology alone). I would disagree with him. I've studied the evidence for over 15 years and am convinced it's fallacious. [2.]
- maybe he'd like to tell us how living organisms magically 'emerge' from inert materials.

1. in regard to #2. one can check out the RATE project from ICR.
- and check out the work of Robert Gentry, Steve Austin, etc.
2. As an example (of hundreds) I'd recommend the article; ' Life’s irreducible structure—Part 1: autopoiesis - by Alex Williams