Sunday, June 14, 2009

Young earth creation and epistemology

John Mark Reynolds recently gave three lectures at SBTS. I enjoyed them a lot.

#1. We Beheld His Glory: How a Christian Worldview Produced Science

#2. Full of grace and truth; an epistemology of belief in an age of skepticism

- Reynolds says that it can be 'better' sometimes to be wrong than right. As I understand him, he's claiming that more knowledge has come out of the false idea of evolution than the truth of creation. (There's some truth to that.) I assume he means Creationists don't come up with positive ideas I guess. (I think this overstates the case; as I think creationists have come up with many valid and important ideas. One problem is serious lack of funds for research.

#3. The Glory of Jesus Christ: The Way Forward in the Dialogue Between Religion and Science

- R. says 'based solely on the scientific evidence I would be an evolutionist.' That strikes me as odd; as someone who doesn't really know the current critiques of Darwinism. (I get the feeling he's not familiar with scientific critique of evolution, but bases his YEC on theology alone). I would disagree with him. I've studied the evidence for over 15 years and am convinced it's fallacious. [2.]
- maybe he'd like to tell us how living organisms magically 'emerge' from inert materials.

1. in regard to #2. one can check out the RATE project from ICR.
- and check out the work of Robert Gentry, Steve Austin, etc.
2. As an example (of hundreds) I'd recommend the article; ' Life’s irreducible structure—Part 1: autopoiesis - by Alex Williams


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