Thursday, May 31, 2007

Life before birth - video lecture by Dr. Gary Parker

Quotes and comments;
- scroll down the page to find this presentation on biblical creation.

1. Darwin declared there were 180 useless organs in the body. He had no evidence for this great discovery, and based it on his own (nearly bottomless) ignorance. ie. if I can't understand x it means this is a 'vestigial' organ. (One of the stupidest ideas in science by the way.) This is 'science' at its absolute worst. To even call this kind of daydreaming, science is intellectual fraud. Darwin had NO idea what he was talking about. In my opinion this is evolutionism in a nutshell; it's metaphysical speculation based on ignorance.
- We now know that the idea of vestigial organs is fallacious. So I ask you; what explanation of these organs is most accurate? that they're 'vestigial' or that they were created for a purpose? In other words; what's more scientific... evolution or creation? (If science means the search for truth, the answer is obvious.)



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