Monday, June 11, 2007

The origins of medieval thought - audio lecture by R. J. Rushdoony

Quotes and comments;
- scroll down the page to find the lecture.
- this excellent lecture deals with subjects like science, naturalism, Kant, evolution, and other matters.

1. Kant (in his Critique of pure reason) said "heretofore we have tried to conform our knowledge to reality... to objects... but now we must see if we can have more success if we endeavor to make objects conform to our thoughts.''
- This it seems to me typifies the spirit of modern science. ie. we don't want to believe in god, even though creation tesitifies to Him - so we assume our atheism, our materialism... and then impose it on creation. We don't mention god; we talk about everything as if God didn't exist.
- The program to act as if there were no god (which is what's called naturalism) is an attempt to make good on Kant. ie. who cares about reality? who cares the universe was created by god? We'll talk as if god doesn't exist... we'll make objects conform to our thoughts. The commitment is not to reality, but to atheism, materialism, and human autonomy. This brand of science only pretends to be interested in truth.


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